Seminole State Park

Heidi and Trey walk along the Gopher Tortoise Nature Trail at Seminole State Park.This state park is tucked away in the very southwest corner of Georgia just miles from its southern and western state lines with Florida. The park isn’t very big (compared to most others) and doesn’t have any major attractions or features. However, if we lived nearby, I’m sure it would be one of those places we visited a lot.

The park is located around a cove of the huge Seminole Lake and is a popular destination for campers who enjoy fishing. It had a couple playgrounds, a single 2.2-mile nature trail, and some beach areas for swimming in the lake (though there are signs all over warning of alligators).

We stayed long enough to play on the playground and hike about half of the nature trail. Apparently, a lot of notorious Florida mosquitoes had crossed the state line and we were nearly devoured on the hike. I literally had a swarm of them around me! I guess winter is over and I need to start making sun screen and bug spray a habit again.

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