Smithgall Woods Conservation Area

The Haun family in Smithgall Woods Conservation AreaThe last park we visited on our April 11 & 12 weekend trip was Smithgall Woods Conservation Area. This park is located just outside of Helen, GA in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is mostly visited by fisherman who enjoy catching trout in Dukes Creek that passes through it. The park has a very nice lodge that fisherman come from all over and pay a pretty penny to stay at ($195 and up).

We didn’t do any fishing, but we toured the visitor center (with its array of stuffed wildlife), had a picnic, and walked a mile down a secluded road to a nature trail that we hiked. Trey got a tired of walking and insisted on being carried a good portion of the walk down the road, but once we got on the trail and near the water he was ready to run around again.