Moccasin Creek State Park

A dock at Moccasin Creek State Park extends into Lake Burton in northeast Georgia.This has to be Georgia’s smallest state park – Moccasin Creek State Park is basically just an RV parkĀ  on Lake Burton. Other than RV campsites and docks for boats, the only amenities are a playground and picnic shelter. We just stopped there for about 45 minutes and spent most of our time on the attractions next to the park.

We went across the street to a hiking trail that follows Moccasin Creek up to some waterfalls (the 2 mile trail belongs to the National Forest Service, not the State Park). Trey was fascinated by the dam that routes water to the Lake Burton Trout Hatchery adjacent to the park. The hatchery is open to the public so we toured it and looked at the thousands of trout swarming in the pools. Trey was pretty impressed as he had never seen so many fish in such small quarters in his life.