Black Rock Mountain State Park

View to the north from Black Rock Mountain State ParkThis park in the far, northeast corner of Georgia, brags that it is the state’s highest park. Black Rock Mountain‘s peak is 3,640 feet high and provides amazing views of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

We drove up the mountain and stopped at the visitor center where we had a great view of Clayton, GA to the south. Then we hiked up to the peak where we got to look north to Appalachian mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.Heidi and Trey walk from the visitor center to the overlook of Clayton, GA from Black Rock Mountain

The terrible haze in the air gave the mountain ranges the look they are named for: Blue Ridge Mountains. However, it also made photography from the overlooks pretty challenging. I was forced to touch up the images quite a bit in my photo editing software to salvage a few scenic shots.

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  1. jym

    I can assure you the “Blue” in Blue Ridge Mountains is pollen. Having grown up with miserable in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia it was a killer

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