Traveler’s Rest Historic Site

The Traveler's Rest Historic SiteThis weekend we took a little family excursion to the northeast corner of Georgia. We started off on Friday by staying with our friends the Lowerys in Decatur. They watched Trey that night so that Heidi and I could have a “date night” and go see the band Great Lake Swimmers perform.

Saturday morning we headed to Toccoa, GA and visited the Traveler’s Rest Historic Site which is right by the South Carolina state line. The inn was built in 1815 by James Wylie who had “insider knowledge” that the Unicoi Turnpike would be built right there. It turned out to be quite profitable as it became a favorite stop-over for all the stagecoaches passing through.

Trey checks out the old well at Traveler's Rest Historic SiteDue to budget cutbacks, this is yet another Georgia state historic site that is suffering. It is now only open on Fridays & Saturdays, and 3 hours on Sunday. The ranger who gave us a tour of the inn was one of the nicest, most knowledgeable guides I’ve had at a Georgia state park. He was very passionate about the preservation and history of the site he maintained (he was also really good at dealing with a 2 year old while giving a tour & history lesson). If you are in the area, I highly recommend you check this spot out and support them with your $4 entry free!