Henry Burns City Park

Trey on the tennis court at Henry Burns Park in Macon, GAAfter our last unfortunate Macon city park visit, Trey and I headed to the rich part of town to Henry Burns Park (perhaps he was a relative of the rich, not-so-benevolent Charles Montgomery Burns?).With Heidi sleeping during the day it was best to get our little boy out of the house so she could have some peace & quiet.

Henry Burns is nice, little park with not only a playground but a tennis court, and dirt, basketball half-court. There’s plenty of open space to run around and little yellow flowers were blooming all over the grass.

With all the rain we’ve had (and with more on the way), the skies were pretty cloudy. This always makes for nice photo ops and I got quite a few “cute’ns” of Trey.

2 thoughts on “Henry Burns City Park

  1. Andi

    We are traveling from FL to WI and will be stopping in Macon to eat and let my 3-year old play in a playground… We eat healthy so the healthiest restaurant/market we could find there is Yvonnes Natural market/ Organic Sandwich and Smoothie Bar at 4123 Forsyth Rd, #C, Macon, GA 31210… Is Henry Burns Park nearby that or is North Macon Park at 815 N Macon Park Dr, Macon, GA 31210 better/closer by? Let me know which you recommend. We’ll be coming up 75. Thanks so much!!

  2. William Post author

    Henry Burns is much closer to Yvonnes and has a much better playground that N. Macon Park. Hope you enjoy your stop in Macon and have a safe trip.

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