Lane Southern Orchard Spring Fling

Trey & Griffin certainly did have a bushel of fun!Saturday we drove a few miles down to Fort Valley, GA to attend Lane Southern Orchard‘s annual Spring Fling. We met up with Heidi’s colleagues and friends Benjie Christie and Amy Moore. Amy’s son Griffin is a year older than Trey and the two of them get along great.

“Lane Southern Orchards is a fourth generation family operation that farms over 2,700 acres of peach trees and 2,100 acres of pecans.”* They grow over 30 different varieties of peaches as well as pecans and strawberries. Each year they throw a “Spring Fling” which is free and open to the public. They have music, talent shows, hay rides, and moon walks. Visitors can also tour their packing facilities and the orchards.

Hug or Headlock?We toured the facilities and Trey & Griffin had a blast on the playground and rides. Afterward, we headed to nearby Perry to visit Benjie’s family home. The boys played more in the gardens around the house and we ended the great day with an amazing rib-eye steak dinner. Trey hadn’t napped at all and was getting pretty ornery by then. He fell asleep within minutes once we got in the car and headed home.

A special thanks to the Christies for being so hospitable!