More Exploring the Neighborhood

Most folks are surprised when we tell them we live in a gated community. That just doesn’t seem like the Haun style. However, our friends from out of town that have visited us here in Lake Wildwood are just as surprised when they enter our neighborhood. It isn’t made up of cookie cutter houses all lined up in rows with perfect green turf out front. It is a huge community with hills and winding roads and just about every house is unique.

One of my favorite things about Lake Wildwood is the “green spaces” they have scattered throughout to give the houses some breathing room. Our property has this reserved wooded area on two sides and our neighbors across the street have it behind them. Today, Trey and I wandered over behind our neighbors’ homes to find a great creek in the woods that runs down to the lake. This is definitely going to be a spot we frequent when that Georgia summer heat kicks in!