Beyond All Measure

Wes McMurray's "Beyond All Measure"Wes McMurray, a friend of mine, recently wrote a great book entitled “Beyond All Measure“. As he was wrapping up the project he asked me to design the cover for it and use a photograph of mine that I felt fit the message and scope of the book. I must admit that I thought it would be an easy task at first. Then I started to read his book and realized that finding/creating a photograph to capture the essence of its main subject was impossible.

Why? Wes’s book is about Christ’s unconditional love. Wow! How do you portray the breadth, length, depth and height of His love in a single photo?

I ended up choosing a photo that I took of Trey at the aquarium in Atlanta. Trey is climbing into a concave window that extends into a massive fish tank. I felt the image captured the feeling of a person being surrounded by something amazing and overwhelming that they didn’t quite understand. Trey is entering a fascinating world that is “beyond all measure” – or at least beyond anything he can comprehend.

I highly recommend you check out Wes’ book. Certainly I recommend it because he is my friend and I want to support him in his first major endeavor as an author. More importantly, it will help you see and understand that Christ loves you “in an overwhelmingly immeasurable degree.”

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  1. William Post author

    *Update* Got my copy in the mail today – looks great! Can’t wait to sit down and give it a front to back read!

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