Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun - a favorite desert at the Haun houseSince our move to Macon last year, we’ve had fun exploring the town to find those restaurants that become our go-to spots when we want to have a special meal. My favorite is a little, “hole-in-the-wall” Indian restaurant called “Umiya Chaat House“. The owners also run an Indo-Pak grocery store in the same shopping center.

Gulab Jamun - little balls of deep fried deliciousnessI like to go in their grocery store and buy random stuff. Almost everything is labeled in Hindi so I rely completely on how delicious the box photos look. One great find was a deep-fried pastry called gulab jamun. It comes as a pouch with a powder mix which you just add a tiny amount of milk too, then mix it into a sticky dough. Deep-fry the little balls of dough and then let them soak in sugar water.

Gulab Jamun - Heidi & Trey dig inThe first time we fixed it we soaked them in the cane syrup we got at George L. Smith state park. They were good but way too sweet for our tastes. We now skip that step and instead drizzle them with honey and roll them around in cane sugar. The final result are doughnut hole-like treats that remind me a lot of an Ivorian pastry I loved growing up called bofloto (called beignets au sucre in French).

Trey absolutely loves them and so do Heidi and I. One last tip: they are best when pipping hot and fresh out of the oil!

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