High Art for Trey

Trey isn't too interested in the modern art at the High MuseumToday Trey, my uncle David, and I drove up to Atlanta to visit the Center for Puppetry Arts and the High Museum of Art. At the CPA they were running (a different) exhibit of Jim Henson’s work. Trey enjoyed the Sesame Street characters but was quite disturbed by a lot of the other puppets.

Daddy & Trey, reflected in an odd six-layered mirror installation pieceI made the mistake of pressing a button to activate some sort of robotic trashcan/bird from hell despite the bold warning under it that said “MAY FRIGHTEN SMALL CHILDREN” Yup, it frightened him alright! He was out-of-whack for the rest of the tour, whimpering every time we passed a devilish medieval marionette.

At the High Museum, we spent most of our time in the exhibit of China’s first emperor’s terracotta army. If you haven’t heard about that incredible archeological find, be sure to read up on it – it is quite fascinating.

** UPDATE: I found a video of that freakish “Trashcan Phoenix”. The footage is sideways, so tilt your head. You’ll quickly understand why Trey was so disturbed **

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