Laura S. Walker State Park

Laura Walker Lake (HDR image)We swung by this remote park on the north end of the Okefenokee swamp on our way back home from our vacation. It proved to be a great visit thanks to its elaborate playground and 1.2 mile nature trail we hiked. These sort of state park visits are always a relief from the hours of sitting in the car; I know Trey appreciates them!

So who is Laura S. Walker and why does she get the honor of being the only woman to have a Georgia State Park named after her? Born in 1861, she became a prominent civic leader, writer, and teacher in Georgia. She was known for her passion for environmental conservation and also defended African-Americans’ rights and founded the Negro Library (Books for blacks? Unheard of at the time). Until 1941, Laura Walker was a National Park and then the State of Georgia acquired the land. You can download a more comprehensive biography of Laura S. Walker from the State Park website.