Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch in Fernandina Beach, FLOur first visit to Fort Clinch was in the late afternoon and the fort was closed. We did get to walk the beach and fishing pier for a couple hours before the park closed.

Yesterday we rode bikes to the park and Trey absolutely loved the ride. Once we entered the park we rode a couple miles down a road shaded by beautiful live oaks covered in the Spanish moss so common to this region.

A tour guide & live history actor at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach, FL.We wandered around the fort which was used in the Civil War, the Spanish War, and WWII.  While walking around we stumbled into a tour group led by a very serious actor in Civil War garb. He was quite entertaining and loved pointing out how we wouldn’t fit in his ear. “Miss! You have painted your toe nails! What in tar-nation have you done? And where is your bonnet?”

Trey also discovered a new love – cannons. Once I explained that they went “KABOOM!” he was sold. Actually, I was sold… a miniature canon at the gift shop – which he has been playing with non-stop ever since.

I really liked this state park, so instead of the usual 8-12 images, I’m posting an entire gallery of pictures from the trip. Click the image below to enjoy!

Fort Clinch State Park Photo Gallery - by William Haun