On the Set of “Get Low”

More photos coming soon, for now here is a photo Jym took of us during a break. Trey was a great sport but crashed pretty hard around 1pm and took a nap in the shadow of an antique car.

4 thoughts on “On the Set of “Get Low”

  1. William Post author

    That photo is actually on the set. The set was a field full of tents and campsites that were setup for a funeral in the movie. We were extras hanging around the sites and then when the funeral started we went up from to be in the crowd listening to Duvall & Murray’s speeches.

    **** SPOILER ALERT ****

    We also got to see Duvall get shot in the back. We were supposed to act scared but Trey kept laughing out loud. Maybe that’s why it’s a “dark comedy”

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