Snow in Macon!?!

Snow in Macon on March 1stWe came out of church today and were greeted by a steady downfall of snow. What a surprise! Just yesterday it was warm enough that we had the windows open.

A couple hours later, the snow has stopped and none of it actually stuck on the ground (it’s only 37° outside). Everything just looks really, really wet. It was fun while it lasted!

* UPDATE * It started snowing again later so I hiked around and got some more shots which I added below.

1 thought on “Snow in Macon!?!

  1. Amanda

    Fabulous pictures! I love the one with the tongues out!

    As a random question, and it may be on my end…but what happened to the feature where I would click on one picture and it would slideshow? Just curious! Thanks!

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