Hanging with Granny Sarah & Uncle Phil-o

Trey at the indoor pool in RichmondAll week long I have been at the IMB‘s Cross-Training Meeting for all of its media personnel from around the globe. While I was at their learning center, Trey stayed with my mom in Richmond. He had such a good time that he didn’t even realize I was gone.

The Deep Run Wildcats - Special Needs TeamGranny Sarah took him to their gym’s indoor pool on one chilly day. Another day he went to Philip’s high school and watched his Special Needs class play a basketball game against another school. They left at half-time so we don’t know who won – I’m guessing everyone was a winner.

Uncle Phil-o and Trey make facesTo me the coolest thing about the Special Needs basketball league is that the rest of the high school attends and cheers them on. It’s great for the players to have that support (whether they play well or not), but I think it is even more important for our youth to learn to accept their peers with disabilities. Something as simple as cheering them on at a basketball game could have an impact how they interact with the physically handicapped later in life.