Sweetwater to Richmond

Trey with Grammaw & Peepaw at Wood Village nursing home in Sweetwater, TNIt’s been a stressfull week for Trey and me as we spent 3 days in Sweetwater again helping out my grandparents. My grandmother is about to be released from skilled care in the nursing home and they have decided not to move into assisted living despite all the family & extended family’s recommendation.

Trey and Grammaw at Wood Village in Sweetwater, TNI did manage to line up some women who will work for them and help out at home when she returns. The therapist has told her not to do any manual labor at all – no laundry, no cooking, nothing – she needs to be holding on to her walker whenever she is standing.

Trey was again a trooper and put up with crazy schedules and my dropping him off with different people while I met with nursing home staff and therapists. We hit the road again Friday and drove to Johnson City, TN where we spent the night at our friend Matt Little‘s. Today we drove to Richmond and are now at my parents’ house. Trey will stay with them for the week while I attend a missions media conference at the IMB.