Trey Goes to the Circus

The circus was a great outing for Trey and me. Despite traffic setting us back and a parking meter machine robbing me of $19, we got in to the Ringling Brothers show on time. Turns out the United Way donation deal was the way to go – we were only 8 rows up from the rink.

The Greatest Show on EarthTrey’s favorite stuff was performances involving animals – elephants, horses, dogs, goats, tigers, and even a porcupine. Another highlight was the motorcycles. He didn’t care much for the bikes in a cage (I don’t think he understood what they were doing) but he loved the tight rope motorcycle which was almost directly over us. The clowns antics made him laugh when they did simple silly stunts and goofs, but their longer skits couldn’t keep his attention.
We came away without an official souvenir (since parking took all my cash) but I think the pictures I took will help remind him of everything he saw. We’ve already looked through them twice together and talked about the animals.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Phillips Arena in AtlantaClick the image to the right to see a panorama of the arena, and click the image below to launch a slideshow of my photos from the circus.


2 thoughts on “Trey Goes to the Circus

  1. Pappy

    That looks like it was a lot of fun. Trey was sure captivated by event. The picture were very good and I especially like the action shots showing the stages of the trapeze.

  2. Sue

    Once again, your photos are fabulous…I love the trapeze ones! And the last one of the two of you was great!

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