Going to the Circus

Heidi at the circus on our date back in 2000Thanks to a great site with tips about deals in Atlanta, I found out that with a $25 donation to United Way I could get two tickets to the Ringling Bros. circus in Atlanta (normally $44). I’m excited to get to take Trey today to see all the animals and shows.

It’s a shame that Heidi won’t be able to join us because the Ringling Bros. circus has some sentimental value for us. Way back in 2000, one of our first dates as a couple was to see the Greatest Show on Earth in Chattanooga. Like so many of our dates it went from another fun outing to a day we’ll never forget. At the start of the show we were chosen to go down front and I got to ride a horse in the main ring. We met the ringmaster and had our nose-bleed section seats upgraded to VIP front row. I can only hope that something like that happens to Trey and me today!

3 thoughts on “Going to the Circus

  1. auntie annie

    i forget that was one of your first dates! that was jon and i’s second date………..but we didn’t get to be a part of the show. i hope trey has a great time………hopefully heidi can go next time.

  2. mitzi

    If you look up the word “Haun” in Webster’s Dictionary it is synonymous with “VIP.” I expect Trey already has the VIP genes!!

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