Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site

Hiking the trails at Pickett's Mill BattlefieldFriday we met up with all-around genius Jym Davis at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield which is located northwest of Atlanta. This historic site was the last successful stand the Confederates had against the Union before they reached Atlanta in 1864. 1,600 Union soldiers and 500 Confederate soldiers died  during the 5 hour battle.

Its website boasts that it is one of the nation’s best preserved Civil War battlefields and that mislead me a bit. I envisioned canons and forts and stuff, but in reality it is just woods with a couple open fields. The only structures are some crisscross wooden fences and some of the trenches the soldiers dug still remain. I guess that’s why it is considered so well-preserved – there aren’t any replicas of old artifacts cluttering up the landscape that so many men fought and died on.

The visitor center has a mini-museum which Trey was a bit too hyper to enjoy. At one point he went under a velvet rope and began pounding on an antique war drum on display under some original flags. In his defense the sign only said “Please do not touch the flags.” I didn’t take as many photos as usual because I actually had company on this trip. It was nice to be able to converse at a level higher than a 2 year-old’s for once! Thanks Jym!

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