Tatnall Square Park

We’re planning a longer road trip on Friday so we decided to hit a spot closer to home today. Tatnall Square Park is Macon city park on the north side of the Mercer University campus. Playing with the cones at Tatnall Square ConesIts main attraction is its tennis courts but it also boasts free wi-fi, a nice playground & swingsets, and an open areawith a soccer field.

Trey spent most of his time playing with the cones setup for soccer games. He would line them up and make up games to play around them. We leapfrog’d the cones, ran around the cones, ran over the cones, zigzag’d through the cones, and on and on.

1 thought on “Tatnall Square Park

  1. Kim Harms

    Lewis and I have been looking at pictures on your blog this morning. The pics of Trey in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt have me longing for warm weather here. I love Iowa, but being cooped up for months with a boy who needs to be out running around can be trying on the sanity.

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