It’s Been a Quiet Weekend in Lake Wildwood

There hasn’t been much activity on the blog this week because there hasn’t been much activity at the Haun house. Heidi is recovering from two boils in her armpit and I have gotten one on my eyelid. Between that and the cold weather, we’ve been home bound.

We did go out one afternoon for a walk in the woods (before my eye swole shut) and I took a few photos. You’ll be pleased to see that Heidi and Trey still look beautiful.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Quiet Weekend in Lake Wildwood

  1. Sarah

    Hey guys. It’s always fun to read over Trey’s blog. He is getting big quickly. I like the comment about having to take three layers off for a false potty alarm…I can relate. William I wonder if there is a play group that meets at the local Y or rec gym. It took a year before I read about one in the paper ads that met at an after school daycare. You both are so loving to Trey. Hope to see you soon! Lots of love.

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