Burgess Falls State Park (TN)

Burgess FallsAnother old New Year’s tradition with the Davises has been to visit Burgess Falls State Park, just outside of Cookeville, TN. If I gave this park an award it would be “Most Hazardous State Park”.

The park has a hiking trail that follows the Falling Water River’s banks passing 3 waterfalls, each bigger and higher than the last. Large sections of the trail have no fence or guard rail and a simple slip off the trail would send you plummeting into the water and Burgess Falls in Cookeville, TNrapids below. I didn’t get near as many good photos as usual because I was constantly keeping an eye and hand on Trey.

Trey survived, I survived (the stress), and we had a great hike on a chilly Central Tennessee winter day with our friends.

2 thoughts on “Burgess Falls State Park (TN)

  1. jym

    that first picture of the (second) waterfall is amazing. Makes the landscape burst with color even though it was pretty overcast and dead winter day.

  2. William Post author

    The magic of that image is the fact that it is actually 5 images at different exposures, known as an HDR or High Dynamic Range photograph.

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