New Year’s with the Davis Family

Way back before Trey was born it became an annual tradition that Heidi and I would join Jym Davis’ family at their home in Cookeville, TN to celebrate the New Year. It usually involved us all going to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and then watching Conan O’Brien’s Central Time New Year’s Bash.


It has been at least 3 years since we were able to join them and even though Heidi couldn’t make it this year, Trey and I still went. We visited a city park together in the afternoon and some antics ensued involving ski masks and smoke bombs. Fun was had by all – even Trey, who donned a mask for a while.

In the evening we had a great meal at the usual Mexican restaurant but we were disappointed to find that Conan’s show was canceled. Instead we had to jump back and forth between the Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly’s New Year’s shows. Hopefully, those two guys aren’t signs of what to expect in 2009.

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