Jefferson Davis Memorial

The museum at the Jefferson Davis Memorial historic siteThis state historic site was the last we visited on our action-packed Saturday (we also visited Gen. Coffee & Little Ocmulgee on the same day). It is a very small park near Fitzgerald, GA and features a museum dedicated to the history of the Confederate States of America (CSA) and its president Jefferson Davis.

The campsite where Davis spent his last hours before captureAt the park is also a monument marking the exact spot where Davis, his wife, and entourage were finally captured in May of 1865. In the nearby woods, a nature trail takes you by a replica of his campsite as well as a monument dedicated to the only two casualties from the skirmish (which were Union soldiers killed by friendly fire).

Trey wasn’t all that interested in the museum but he did get a kick out of the miniatures model that re-enacted Davis’ capture. Oh yeah, and he made quite an effort to avoid the giant bust of Jefferson Davis which he referred to as “scary guy.”

I must also share that the park website features an interesting downloadable coloring book of rebel militia and their ladies.