Trey Votes for O and 7

With Heidi on night float this month, we were able to go together as a family to the polls in the morning and vote. One benefit of living in our neighborhood is that the clubhouse (just down the way from our house) is a polling place and there were absolutely no lines.

The Bibb County GA ballot was full of single candidate races where you had one person to vote for or the write-in option. We would pick the write-in option and let Trey pick the letters to write. Talk about the media having an influence on you! Trey kept voting for “O” and “7”, the letter & number of the day on Sesame Street. Never knew that show had a political agenda!

Whether you voted Republican or Democratic (or wrote in Nader) you can be proud that our nation is moving closer and closer to healing its 200+ year-old wound of racism and its 60 year-old scab. I’m excited that for the next 4 or 8 years Trey will be able to see an African American lead our nation and he will grow up without the assumption that one’s skin color decides what they can or can’t do.

4 thoughts on “Trey Votes for O and 7

  1. Rachel

    Amen William! We were hanging out w/ my friends Helen and Peter last night with their 3-year old daughter and as she chanted “yes we can!” we realized that she would never remember a time when an African American or a woman couldn’t realistically run for President and be voted in by our nation. What a wonderful new reality for us to raise our kids with!

  2. Barbara

    I told Sanne the good news this morning and her response? “shoe, shoe”. Ah well : )

    Let’s just be thankful that Trey didn’t vote for Elmo or Dora . . gross.

  3. Laura

    That’s right William. We have felt the same. I’m excited that THIS is the history happening in Madeleine’s life time. I hope things just get better!

  4. Jamie

    Good job voting for the letter “O” Trey. I know some of the alphabet were running a smear campaign trying to connect O with the letter P and his questionable affiliations. Smart people know that just because they are next to each other in the alphabet doesn’t necessarily mean they “pal around”… hehehehe

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