Trey Visits the Future

“At a time in the late 1930s, during an extended and fever-ridden illness, Eddie Owens Martin experienced the first of a series of phenomenal visions… In the initial vision, he was confronted by a trio of extraordinarily tall personages who identified themselves as people of the future — special envoys from a vaporous land called Pasaquan…

“He had been chosen by them… to delineate an understanding of the peace and beauty that the future might hold for mankind, if mankind would take heed. On that day, Eddie Owens Martin of Marion County, Georgia, became St. EOM — the one and only Pasaquoyan of the 20th Century.” *

So that’s the story behind Pasaquan which we visited Saturday. It was their annual “Artists for Pasaquan” event in which dozens of artists from Georgia descend on the historic landmark to display and perform their art.

Trey’s favorite thing was the musical instruments that artist/musician Bond Anderson had on display. He let Trey play with them and the boy couldn’t get enough of it. Anderson, an accomplished flutist, creates musical playgrounds for children check out his website to see some of the cool stuff he has come up with.

* info about St. EOM quoted from