Providence Canyon State Park

After the insanity of Pasaquan, we headed back to reality and stopped at Providence Canyon. What an amazing place! It’s called the “little Grand Canyon” of Georgia, but has a completely different history. The ironic thing about this beautiful natural landmark is that it was created by man’s disregard for nature.

Poor farming practices and deforestation in the 1800s caused massive erosion in southwest Georgia. Ditches began appearing as deep as 3 to 5 feet and they kept growing. Now, 150 years later there are 16 canyons as deep as 150 feet. The erosion has been slowed drastically by a layer of clay in the soil. Now the canyons grow wider instead of deeper.

We picnicked at the rim of the canyon and then hiked down inside. I thought the view from above was impressive but was even more impressed below. Trey loved playing in the sand and even wiggled back into a crevass we couldn’t fit into with some boy scouts.

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