Panola Mountain State Park

The odd thing about Panola Mnt. State Park is that you can’t see Panola Mountain. The park is actually a “conservation park” and the mountain is in the restricted conservation area.  That was a bit disappointing for me, but Trey wasn’t disappointed at all because the park had a nice, big playground. Another odd thing about the park is that it is near the Atlanta airport so planes fly over every 30 seconds – really takes away from the secluded-in-nature feeling.

After playing on the playground we visited the nature center to thaw out (it was really cold and windy). Trey enjoyed the displays of butterflies, the dioramas of local wildlife, and an indoor bee hive. After we warmed up, we hiked a 3/4 mile trail to the only granite outcrop that isn’t in the restricted area. Click the image to the right for a panorama I made of the outcrop.