Pumpkin Carving

The church we’ve been attending lately had a Sunday School get-together last night. The gathering revolved around everyone bringing a pumpkin to carve. Trey and I hit the store this morning and after a grueling selection process, Trey finally found one that was “OK.”

This evening we headed over to Adam and Amanda Crosby’s house to hang out with our new friends from church. Trey had a wonderful time playing with all the kids, though he wasn’t too interested in carving the pumpkin. He did sit down for 30 seconds to draw the face on the pumpkin which I used as a model when I carved it out.

A big thank you to the Crosbys for inviting us! They have a blog of their own over at http://www.easysite.com/Crosby You’ll see that their son is just a few months younger than Trey and has his same build and blond hair. At church folks keep mistaking ours for theirs.