Trey and the 1960 All Steel Highway Viaduct

At my grandparents’ house I always like digging through the tons of old boxes they have in storage. I’ve found all sorts of treasures ranging from 35 year-old cologne bottles labeled Kung-Fu to a real German Luger captured in WW2.

This time Trey and I found a box with my dad’s old toys. There were wind-up car sets made by Technofix, a Western German company in the 50s and 60s. I was surprised that they hadn’t rusted over (apparently anything a child was given to play with in 1959 had to be made completely of steel) and even more impressed that the cars still ran when I wound them up.

Trey was particularly fond of the “Highway Viaduct” – so fond in fact that he insisted on going to bed with one of the cars that night. I kept waking up everytime he’d roll over and rattle its steel chasis.

** update – after writing this I decided to see if these toy antiques would be worth anything. The Highway Viaduct runs for around $70 in near mint condition.