A Park, a Hospital, and an Art Show

Today was quite a random day. We visited a city park we hadn’t been to yet and weren’t very impressed. The West Macon Park is pretty much just a bunch of baseball fields with one playground set throw in. There are no trees so the blazing hot sun was pretty intense.

This evening we met Heidi at the hospital and got to tour her work area – the office, the lounge, etc… Trey enjoyed playing with her phone at her desk. Then we headed over to Macon Arts where Michael Williams, a camera club colleague, was exhibiting 33 photos in a series entitled “Paris, Italy, and Home Again.” It was nice to meet up with several other camera clubbers and talk camera geek for a while.

We ended the evening with a stroll through downtown to the Creme-de-la-Creme ice cream shop where we each got a cone of Blue Bell ice cream. Mmm, mmm.

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