Trey and the Trappists

One of our excursions this week was to head north to Conyers, GA to visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I had seen a camera club colleague’s photos and had to go see it myself. This monastery belongs to the world-wide Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (O.C.S.O.) – more commonly known as Trappists.

Trappists don’t take a vow of silence but it is something they observe whenever possible. With that in mind I was a bit nervous about taking a two year-old into their monastery chapel. I have to brag though, Trey was extremely well-behaved and made a temporary vow of silence. In fact, he was so quiet that once I took his shoes off (they echoed loudly in the chapel) I actually lost him at one point. No worries, I found him a couple pews down, laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, and mouthing the word “Wow.”

Later we walked down to their lake and got to see a flock of geese fly in. Then Trey found a turtle which quickly withdrew into the confines of its shell when he picked it up. “Where did it go?” I asked Trey. “In turtle house!” he replied. Then he tried to pry it open as he exclaimed “Come out, turtle! Come out!”

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  1. Grandaddy

    Some beautiful shots. I especially like the columns colored by the stained glass. Speaking of which, the rose window is the first time I’ve even seen the Trinity depected with Mary in it!

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