Warplanes & Monkeys

After days and days of being stuck indoors I planned an outing today that was rain-proof. And then it didn’t rain. We still had fun though down in Warner-Robins where we visited the Aviation Museum and played at Monkey Joe’s.

Aviation Museum Slideshow

At the Aviation Museum we saw tons of HUGE aircraft and learned some interesting things like 1) the museum is the “Crown Jewel” of Middle Georgia, and 2) World War II was fought for “Coca-Colas, Hamburgers, Clean Places to Sleep, or the American Way of Life” (pick one). Trey wasn’t too interested in all the details of the exhibits but spent most of his time running from airplane to airplane.

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Monkey Joe's Slideshow

If play places were foods, Chuck E. Cheese would be a Big Mac and fries and Monkey Joe’s would be whole wheat spaghetti with a made from scratch organic tomato sauce. Ok, it isn’t that great of a place, but our experience there was a million times more enjoyable than Chuck E. Cheese. Instead of pounding music and the deafening booms and whistles of dozens of arcade games, Monkey Joe’s is simple. Sure there are a few arcade games, but the main attraction is about 10 giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Kids have a blast and actually exercise.  With the entrance fee being a mere $5, Trey and I will be heading back there on the next rainy day.

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  1. Grandaddy

    This reminds me that there’s an aviation museum at the Richmond airport. It’s supposed to be pretty good. Maybe we can check it out sometime when you all are here.

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