Trey Loves Baseball

trey-jensen-2year-party-02.jpg… or is it golf?

Heidi’s family is in town and had a 2-year & 1-week birthday party for Trey. Annie gave him a plastic baseball bat and it was a hit! He immediately insisted on playing with it. After hitting the balls like a golf ball we finally set up an impromptu teeball stand and showed him how to hit off it.

2 thoughts on “Trey Loves Baseball

  1. William

    I’m trying out a new caching plug-in to speed up the blog. Just checking to see how long comments take to post…

  2. The Carlsons

    Definitely see a future ball player… Lots of potential! Nice contact…… Watch the ball hit the bat…. Nice cut….. (these are some of the phrases that crazy parents yell during their kids’ ball games). GO TREY!!!!!!!

    The Carlsons

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