Big Boy Underwear!

Trey’s been doing great using the potty these last few weeks so we upgraded him to underwear. We tried to hype the change up a bit to him by emphasizing that he was wearing “big boy” underwear. We also let him have Sesame Street themed undies to excite him even more. Looks like our methods worked pretty, pretty, pretty well…

5 thoughts on “Big Boy Underwear!

  1. Grandaddy

    Congratulations! This is a big step. I remember how excited Trey’s Daddy was when he got his “big boy” underwear!

  2. Kim Harms

    I love this!! My boys used to love running around in just their big boy underwear. We even came up with a new superhero – Underboy! There’s nothing quite like saving the day in a pair of superman underpants!!

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