I’m Potty Trained!

Trey using the potty

I was a bit nervous about proclaiming Trey officially potty-trained. What if I jinxed our progress? We’ve been working on it seriously for the past two weeks (though we introduced him to the potty months ago) and his track record is getting pretty good. He’s only wet the bed 3 times at night and tells us during the day when he has to go to the potty. Even during 4 days away from home and his parents he kept it up.  Now he pretty much uses one diaper a day (unless he gets really hot – that boy gets a sweaty butt!).

So I’m making it official! Trey is potty-trained! What a feat considering he still has a week to go before he turns two.

How much research did we do? What potty training books did we read? What method did we use? What bribes did we offer him?

We didn’t really do any research at all. A friend described the “run around naked” routine where you let the kid wear his birthday suit and you take him to the potty every 10 minutes. I would do that in the mornings before we went out on our excursion. It seemed to work – most of the time. My major responsibility was to remember to ask him regularly if he needed to go.

As for bribes, Trey loves his gummy bear vitamins so I give him one whenever he poops in the potty. Kills two birds with one stone.  Another reward has been flushing rights. That kid loves flushing the toilet and the rule has been if you drop it you get to flush it. That’s some serious incentive for him.

I think the most important part to Trey’s success has been positive reinforcement from us. Whenever he pee’d or pooped in the potty or the “big” potty we cheered, congratulated him, and rewarded him with a simple pleasure (vitamin or flush). Now whenever he goes, he claps and cheers for himself before I even get a chance.

Now we just need to get him coordinated enough to pull his own pants down and we’re set.

1 thought on “I’m Potty Trained!

  1. Nana

    YEAH for Trey!! We are proud of you! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!
    And YEAH for the persistance and consistancy of your Mommy and Daddy, as well as your caretaker during Daddy’s camping adventure.
    We can’t wait to see you – soon.
    Love, NANA

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