Working Mommy

Beginning residency and working full time (actually double-full time) has been somewhat difficult for me from the standpoint of being a mom. There is always that lurking fear, that I am sure many working mothers feel, that I am not going to be as good of a mom as I want to be.  Having an amazing husband like William who is able to stay home with Trey and take him out to explore really helps ease the transition.

We have also managed to change Trey’s daily routine to fit better into our own.  At night, I come back from the hospital around 6:30pm and just play with Trey. Dinner is often closer to 8pm. By the time I bathe him and put him to bed, it is about 9 or 9:30. In the morning, William wakes up around 9am to find that Trey has been awake for who knows how long and is just hanging out in bed reading books.  It’s great.  I get to spend more time with Trey at night, and the night-owl William gets a little more sleep in the morning.  Once Trey has to start going to school, I guess we’ll need to change his routine, but for now, I’m thankful for the time each night to play with him.

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  1. Sarah

    You are the most amazing and dedicated mommy that I know. The love you have for your husband and son is surely rare these days. You are awesome. Love ya!

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