The New Nap Routine

It is fascinating to look back at the many “phases” Trey goes through with different things. Often it is frustrating when we are in the middle of a new phase but weeks (or even days) later we can look back and laugh. A current phase he is going through involves books.

Curious George and the Bunny used to be his favorite book. Then Go Dog Go was the only book he’d read. Now Trey likes not just any book, but ALL books. I used to read him a book or two and tell him to go to sleep at naptime. He would whine a little but doze off pretty quick. Now when I leave the room he pulls each of his books out of his basket and flips through EVERY one. Sometimes it takes him upwards of an hour. I’ll finally peek in to find him asleep in a bed filled with books.

The plus-side of this fascination with books is that what used to be a 2-hour nap now turns into 3 hours and gives me more time to work. We’ll see how long this phase lasts…

2 thoughts on “The New Nap Routine

  1. Jamie

    Great pic… Tyler is the same exact way except he also brings toys into his bed. His favorite toy is his ball popper. I have to take that out of his bed every night.

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