Pooh on the Carpet

Trey has been making some great progress with potty training; but we’re not quite there yet. If I make it a point to ask him regularly if he needs to go to the bathroom I can keep his diapers dry and get him to go in the potty.

Monday he went 5 times and kept his diaper dry all morning. Tuesday I got braver and let him run around naked. He peed about 4 times in the potty but never went #2. I was checking email on the computer when he ran over to me grinning. “Poo!” he shouted excitedly “Poo!”

“Do you need to go poo?” I asked.

“Poo! he said again and pointed to the other side of the living room. There it was sitting on floor. To make things worse, he had stepped in it and tracked it across the room. Oh well, we’re not quite there yet.

3 thoughts on “Pooh on the Carpet

  1. Jamie

    hahah. Awesome!!! I didn’t click on your picture because no matter how gifted you are as a photographer it’s hard to make pooh look like anything but pooh. My wife being the curious woman she is did click on it and had a good laugh. You Funny!!!

  2. jerry triplett

    Willian, Great to hear you guys are doing so well and that Trey is maturing. I can remember a few instances “like poo on the carpet” or poo on the walls(learning to finger paint). I love your blog. Tyler helped me set one up as well. I’m hoping one of these days the grand girls can look back and read about their grand parents. If you get the time the blog is linked with Ava’s playpen (Trip’s Place). Give Heidi our best. Love you guys, The Triplett’s

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