North Macon Park

I’m running out of nearby State Parks & Historic sites to visit so I searched the web for lesser-known trails and parks. I ran across a couple blogs by locals who enjoy hiking and listed some trails. So this morning we headed just 6 miles up the road to North Macon Park. This city park has tennis courts, ball fields, a large gym, playground, and some hiking/biking trails. The park supervisor didn’t have any trail maps so we headed off on our own.

According to the trailhead sign we walked about 2 1/2 miles. However, unless carrying Trey on so many hikes has made me really fit and speedy there is NO way we walked that far in 45 minutes (at least 20 of which were spent throwing rocks into the creek). Overall, it’s a nice trail but is rather steep in parts and could really use some signage to point  you in the right direction (at one point I wandered out of the woods into an apartment complex… whoops, wrong turn).

2 thoughts on “North Macon Park

  1. Jamie

    Glad to see someone else’s kid loves chucking rocks into water. It is what Tyler lives for.

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