Indian Springs State Park

indian-springs-03.jpgGeorgia’s Indian Springs State Park is the oldest in the nation. It became an official “State Forest Park” in 1927 but before that the Creek Indians used the springs for centuries to heal the sick and impart extra vigor to the well.

indian-springs-01.jpgWhen we arrived at the park we found a line of people at the Spring House waiting to fill dozens and dozens of jugs of water. What baffles me is that the water is sulfur water and really stinks! At Heidi’s grandparent’s cabin they have sulfur water and they go out of their way to fill jugs with good, clean tap water. Here it’s the exact opposite.

indian-springs-05.jpgI didn’t let Trey drink the water but we did explore the grounds and walked along a 3/4 mile nature trail in the woods. Trey really cracked me up when he pointed to the cross-section of a fallen tree and said “Scary!” See the picture and I’m sure you’ll agree.