Lake Sinclair Recreational Area

Lake Sinclair Rec. Area Twin Bridges TrailYou can’t win them all. Today’s hike was terrible. It started when Google Maps led me to believe the trail was much closer to Macon than it was. After driving over an hour we got to the 1.8-mile trail and started hiking. After just a short while we realized that the trail was very poorly kept and not frequently traveled. Most frustrating to me were the dozens of large trees that had fallen across the trail. lake-sinclair-rec-10.jpgAlexandra was most frustrated by the TONS of spiders that had spun countless webs across the path. The many ticks that climbed our legs weren’t very fun either.

The worst part was that at the end of the almost 2 miles of hiking, we had to turn around and do it again since the trail wasn’t a loop. Ugh.

Want to see more spider photos? I posted them on my blog.