Ocmulgee National Monument

An Indian mound at Ocmulgee National ParkToday we took Alexandra to a park just across town along the Ocmulgee River. This land was declared a National Monument in 1934 to preserve the numerous Muscogean (Creek Indians) mounds and artifacts found around them. Several archeological digs have occurred over the years and the visitor center has a nice little museum that displays the finds.

Despite the near 100 degree weather Trey was very excited about exploring the area. He ran from mound to mound only stopping to drive his toy train across the bridge that crosses over the real train tracks. ocmulgee-june08-14.jpgAt the end of our promenade was walked across a swamp and ended back in the woods where a swarm of bees were nesting at the base of a tree. Alexandra took Trey to safety and I decided to stay and photograph them. I got a little too close and was issued a stern warning in the form of a sting on the ear. Luckily, the swelling died down after about 30 minutes and I didn’t have a relapse of my disastrous bee sting from the summer of 2000 that left me unable to walk for 5 days.