High Falls State Park

Another day, another park. Once again we drove just 30 minutes and found ourselves in a great natural setting. High Falls was a bustling industrial town in the early 1800s but when the railroad bypassed it in 1880 it quickly became a ghost town. You can still see remnants of the old mill and some other buildings.

We took a 3 mile hike through the woods along a “Non-Game Trail”. Rebellious young Trey decided to disobey and play a “Game” along the trail. Every 40-50 feet a tree had been painted with a bright yellow brush stroke to mark the path. For the entire trail we went from painted tree to tree. Trey would insist on touching the paint then eagerly look for the tree. When he spotted it he would yell “Ellow!” and giggle with excitement.

We also spotted a wild raccoon in a tree and Trey insisted that it was a baboon and not a raccoon. I’ll let you look at the pictures and decide. I’ve also posted a separate slideshow with nature photos I took today.

Nature Photos from Georgia’s High Falls State Park