The World of High-Fructose Corn Syrup

We aren’t big fans of soft drinks. Look in our fridge and the three drinks you will find are water, milk, and juice. I’ll leave it to Heidi to give you a lecture on how bad soft drinks are for your overall health but it is clear “that soft drinks are associated with increased caloric intake, higher body weight, a decrease in calcium and other nutrients, and increased risk of Type II diabetes.”*

That said, we visited the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta today and paid $13 each to be bombarded with Coke ads for 3 hours. The idea of visiting a soft drink museum sounds a bit crazy, but Coke isn’t your ordinary soft drink. Going through their museum isn’t just a history of Coca-Cola, but a history of American pop culture, graphic design, and advertising. So it was a fun visit – Alexandra, Heidi, and I enjoyed it and Trey had a blast as well (we even let him sample some soda).

World of Coca-Cola - June 20, 2008

*Yale 2007 study –

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