Daddy’s Scavenger Hunt

I joined the local camera club (Middle Georgia Camera Club) this week and yesterday was their first event that I attended. It was a photo scavenger hunt around Macon. The event planner gave everyone a list of 10 song titles. We had 5 hours to take photos that were interpretations of the song titles.

Heidi and Trey came along to help me out. Trey didn’t offer as many ideas as Heidi but he had a fun time. While wandering through the downtown area we ran across a Hot Rod show. Trey got to see an antique fire engine (and scary clown) as well as sit in a cool yellow Mustang.

Here’s a link to my submissions and below are some other photos from the day.

1 thought on “Daddy’s Scavenger Hunt

  1. kenny

    looks like fun. your pictures turned out really good.
    i like the concept, and i think the song selections are hilarious
    however i can see why trey is scared of clowns, what is that person thinking – disturbing face (the human)

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