A clown on an antique fire engine in downtown MaconTrey loves fire engines with a passion. Any time we see one on the road his eyes light up, his mouth forms an “O” shape, and he lets out a loud “Whoa!”. Today we were walking around downtown Macon at an event and the local fire station had an antique engine out. The fire fighter who was giving tours was decked out in clown makeup.

Firefighter clown in downtown MaconMost children are pretty scared of clowns, but we thought that the joy of the fire engine (and offer to sit in it) would balance out the creepy clown factor. We were dead wrong. Trey was petrified and now, hours later, he still gets uneasy when I pull up the photos I took of the clown on the computer. Apparently coulrophobia (abnormal fear of clowns) is something Heidi suffered from as a child as well. Luckily she grew out of it and didn’t have to seek professional help. We can only hope for the same for Trey.

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  1. Jamie

    I have never suffered from Coulrophobia but that clown scares me too… I am with you Trey… 🙂

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