Thawed Out & Up’n’Running

A week ago today, we moved from Seminole, FL to our new home in Macon, GA. I’ve always hosted this blog and all my other sites from a server at my house. So during the move we had to cancel our Florida internet service, move the server to Georgia, and sign up for a new internet service.

Two things went wrong.

1) the Georgia internet service is behind schedule and still hasn’t come to install it at our house
2) my server hard drive finally died (it had been having issues all along).

Hard drive in the freezer - the plastic bag keeps condensation from forming on the hard drive when you take it outSo to solve issue #1 I decided to pay for a web hosting company to now host our sites. I went with the highly recommended BlueHost.
Issue #2 was more difficult. My last backup was May 5th – two weeks old – and I really wanted the most recent files. However, the hard drive wasn’t readable at all. The solution? Put it in the freezer!

I left it in the freezer last night and this morning it gave me enough time to recover the most important files. “Nonsense”, you say! Well, the theory is that since metal contracts when it cools, you give the disks and the heads more clearance and therefore they can read better. I didn’t believe it until it worked for me.

So stay tuned for updates again!

2 thoughts on “Thawed Out & Up’n’Running

  1. Tyler Ross

    aww come on, your crazy!!! Stick a hard drive in the freezer. Next your going to tell me that you kept the thing working that long by kicking it.

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