The Move to Macon

Our final move to Macon, GA took place just before Memorial Day weekend. On Wednesday night, 3 amazing guys from church (Chip Meyer, Matt Tilka, and Tyler Ross) came over and helped me load the U-Haul. Trey went over to the Jensens’ to spend the night. The next morning Heidi and I left our Florida home and drove to Macon with the U-Haul and car loaded to the max.

That night the two of us unloaded the U-Haul on our own (since we don’t know anyone in Macon). It only took us about 4 hours (and that includes moving a sofa, king-size bed, washer, and dryer upstairs!).

The next day Heidi’s parents drove up with Trey. He was very excited to explore his new house. We made sure that his room was completely set up so that he would feel right at home. It worked, and he was extremely happy. Especially when we walked down the road to the clubhouse playground and lake front. Slides! Swings! Woohoo!